Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya  
Central Research Instrumentation Facility
Bio Logic Duo Flow Chromatography System

The BioLogic Duo Flow chromatographic system is a powerful system that offers UV and visible detection capabilities, as well as automation of multiple column protocols. This system can provide the sample purity required by crystallographers and is ideal for biomolecule purification. It brings high performance, versatility, ease of use, and affordability to low pressure applications.

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Econo Gradient Pump Kits

The unique Econo gradient pump is suited for any low-pressure protein purification system. It is the only stand-alone peristaltic pump capable of isocratic and gradient elution applications. The Econo gradient pump is a 2-channel bidirectional pump that is ideal for preparative applications and for scaling up the purification of recombinant proteins using affinity supports such as chelating agarose.

Special Features of Bio Logic Duo Flow system

The BioLogic DuoFlow chromatography systems offers flexibility with multiple system configurations, many optional upgrades, and common control software that is intuitive and easy to follow. Upgradable Systems Add Capability as Your Needs Change BioLogic DuoFlow modular components allow you to design your own biocompatible chromatography system to specifically meet both laboratory space and application requirements. As experimental requirements change, systems may be easily reconfigured and seamlessly upgraded with increased functionality such as higher flow rates, sophisticated detection capabilities, pH monitoring, trace comparison, and buffer blending.

Research Applications

Isolation and characterization of biomolecules.
Isolation and characterization of biomolecules.
Purification of His- tagged proteins.
Purification of High quality DNA