Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya  
Central Research Instrumentation Facility

The objective of cryopreservation is to minimize damage to biological materials, such as tissues, mammalian cells, bacteria, fungi, plant cells, and viruses, during low temperature freezing and storage. The ultimate goal is to provide a continuous source of tissues and genetically stable living cells for a variety of purposes, including research.

Thermo Scientific's CryoMed freezers provide the ultimate in controlled rate freezing. CryoMed Freezers for controlled rate freezing protocols are used, when sample viability is of the utmost importance.

CryoMed Freezers are designed for precise control, ease of operation, and convenience. The control panel displays chamber temperature, sample temperature, and profile status and messages continuously

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LN2 injection ring provides a continuous vapor supply that ensures optimum product cooling.
Dual solenoids increase the LN2 volume for accelerated freezing and optimum cell viability.
Quiet Operation and Foamed-in-place chamber reduces condensation.
Access code protection prevents unwanted profile changes or freezing run interruptions. Easy to read Display with continuous Chamber/Sample Temperature readout.

Windows PC Software Features
Digital data and Programmable information fields
Unlimited programs and data export
Additional Time/Temp resolutions
Once frozen your samples would be kept in a Liquid Nitrogen storage